Truly Fitting You.

True Gault shoes are custom made to your individual feet. There’s no traditional ‘sizing’ – just your size. Our high heels fit like a glove with no pain, pressure or teetering, and because your shoes are exclusively yours, there’s no such thing as ‘out of stock,’ ‘out of season’ or discontinued merchandise – just endless possibilities.

Step 1   Fit It

True Gault’s exclusive fit formula is the key to tailoring the proper fit for your feet. Our revolutionary iPhone app (available on iPhone 5 and up) lets you scan your feet from the comfort of your own home. The process takes less than 15 minutes, bringing you gorgeous shoes that fit anytime, any place. We don’t use traditional sizing and your shoes will be customized to your unique feet. Stop sacrificing style for comfort - you truly can have it all!

Once we have your measurements, they’re stored in our database for you to shop and order at any time. There’s no need to scan your feet again!

At present our iPhone App is by invitation only. Please contact us for an exclusive invite.

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Step 2   Design It

Once your scans are in, you will be able to choose any shoe from our collection. We offer a range of booties and heels available in 2” or 4” heel heights, available in a variety of colors, leathers, and fabrics.

Because the styles are digitally stored in our system, they will never be discontinued, so you will always be able to re-order your favorites, no matter the season.

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Step 3   Own It

After an order is placed, your beautifully personalized shoes will arrive within 4 weeks. From the moment you open the box to the first time you put on your True Gault shoes, you will see and feel the difference. For most customers, they are astonished by how well they fit and never go back to their old ill-fitting shoes.

We guarantee a true fit. If not, we’ll make the necessary adjustments until your shoes truly fit you. If this is your first time shopping with True Gault, we’ll deliver one pair to confirm your true fit, shortly followed by the rest of your order.

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