Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does it all work?

    True Gault was built on the notion that your heels can - and should - fit. We use 3D imaging technology to scan women’s feet to build luxury shoes that actually fit. Once you’ve successfully scanned your feet in our app, you can select any shoe from our Collection. Our artisan team in Spain will start producing your custom-made shoes, and we guarantee that they’ll fit. If you have any issues - we’ll remake the shoes until we get it right.

  2. I'm having issues scanning my feet, what should I do?

    Click here for a step-by-step video tutorial on how to scan!

    The first step is to make sure that you’re sitting somewhere with good bright lighting. We recommend connecting to Wi-Fi, but a strong LTE connection works well too. Be sure that all the photos you take are clear & in-focus. Don’t be afraid to retake a blurry photo! Be sure that the 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper is clean, flat and crease free. 

    A common problem we see is not having enough contrast between your foot, the paper, and the floor. If your floor color is too close to your skin tone, we recommend changing floors or sliding a piece of contrasting poster board underneath your 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. The best is a dark floor against light skin and vice verse.

    For any other scanning issues, please contact us at [email protected] to book an in-person or virtual appointment with one of our Shoeologists.

  3. I don’t have an iPhone. Can I still order shoes?

    Absolutely! If you’re in the NYC area, we’d love to have you visit us at our showroom. Stop by 106 W. 32nd St. 2nd Flr and we can scan you in our showroom. If you’re not in NYC, no worries! We recommend borrowing a friend’s iPhone to scan your feet. You’ll be able to order online but will need the iOS system to scan. We do plan on launching an Android version of the app soon, so stay tuned for our announcement.

    For any other scanning issues, please contact us at [email protected] to get help from one of our Shoeologists.

Your Shoes

  1. What is the price of a pair of shoes?

    Our pricing is simple, it’s a flat price per pair based on style and includes shipping. Also, there are no additional costs such as upcharge for selecting different leathers. We have two basic prices:

    • Heels (2 or 4 inch) = $250 per pair
    • Booties (2 or 4 inch) = $350 per pair


    *Prices do not include TAX and will be added at checkout*

  2. How do I walk in high heels?

    It’s so much easier than you’d think! Be sure that you’re placing your heel down first, followed by the toe. A common mistake is walking on your tiptoes, but with True Gault, there’s no need for that. We actually work with the biomechanics of your feet to direct weight back to the heel, allowing you to walk naturally and safely.

  3. I suffer from some challenges regarding my feet. Can I still order shoes?

    Usually, yes! If you have bunions or hammertoes, etc. - you shouldn’t have an issue with ordering. However, if your doctor has recommended you avoid heels, we’d recommend the same. These heels do not solve orthopedic problems and are not a medical shoe. While these may be the most comfortable pair of heels you’ve owned, they’re still heels, so be sure to listen to your doctor first and foremost.

  4. Can I wear orthotics with these heels?

    We do not recommend wearing orthotic inserts in these True Gault heels. These heels are made to fit your feet's measurements, and are not medical or orthopedic shoes. Our memory foam padding will help to mold to your feet as you wear them!

  5. Do I need to scan my feet again to re-order?

    No, you only need to scan your feet once! We may ask you to rescan for your initial order. Once your initial scans are successful, we do all the hard work from there. However, there are 3 situations where you will need to rescan:

    • Gain or lose 20+ pounds
    • Have a baby (some women’s feet change shape after having a baby)
    • Have a surgical procedure done to your feet (ie. bunion removal)


  1. Are True Gault shoes actually comfortable?

    Yes! Sandra Gault, our CEO, walks about 2 miles a day in her 4-inch True Gaults. We’ve even had women run 5k’s in these heels! The suede interiors and materials help to enhance the comfortability. We use the highest quality memory foam padding that molds to your foot as you walk, making them feel even better with wear.

  2. How do I know if my shoes fit correctly?

    If you’ve never had a pair of custom heels, you may experience a completely different feel. Your personalized shoes should feel snug and might feel slightly tight, but should not hurt or pinch like traditional shoes. Our shoes are made with fine leather which softens and relaxes over time and will mold to your feet when worn. Your shoes are as unique as you are. As we look at each foot separately, you may not experience the same fit in your left and right foot. The best time to try your shoes on is early in the morning, as your feet will swell moderately throughout the day. If you’re unsure if your shoes fit correctly, contact us and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

  3. I don’t normally wear heels; are True Gault shoes going to work for me?

    No worries, as long as you don’t have any medical issues with your feet, we recommend starting with a 2-inch. You can always come back to order the 4-inch styles you love! If you have specific foot concerns, let our team know and they’ll be happy to recommend the right style for you.

  4. What happens if my shoes don't fit?

    At True Gault, we guarantee the fit of your shoes. In the unlikely case that your shoes don’t fit, please contact us within 30 days of receiving your shoes via the iPhone app or at [email protected]. At that point, we may request additional information and send you a shipping label to return the original shoes. Once the original pair is received*, we’re more than happy to remake you another pair at no extra cost to you! Your replacement pair will take less than 4 weeks to arrive, after proper fit feedback is received from you. Note: *shoes should be returned in original condition.

  5. What size do I buy?

    There is no traditional sizing with True Gault Shoes. We scan your feet to determine the measurements of your left and right foot and generate your unique sizing. These measurements are then used to make your custom-fitting shoes resulting in your own size, versus a traditional shoe size. When you buy your shoes, you will notice that there is no "size" option, that's because we already have it. Your shoes include a unique serial number - they truly are yours and only yours!


  1. Where are my shoes made?

    Our shoes are handmade in Alicante, Spain. Click here to see our factory in action and discover how a pair of shoes are actually made!

  2. What fabrics are used in the making of True Gault shoes?

     All our textiles and leathers are locally sourced in Alicante, Spain. We do not use exotic leathers, the snakeskin print is stamped on leather and the lizard texture is stamped on suede. We use natural suede for the interior. We don’t offer vegan options yet, but hope to at some point in the future!

  3. Can you make me a special order of a new style?

    While we do add new styles to our collection all the time, we don’t create custom styles for individual orders. However, we’re always looking for inspiration, so if there’s a specific shoe style you’re interested in, feel free to let us know. You may just see a similar silhouette available in the future.

Your Order

  1. When will I receive my shoes?

    Your shoes should arrive in 4-6 weeks from the moment you placed your order (though it’s usually a bit quicker than that!). Once your scans have been analyzed, our artisan team hand makes your shoes at our factory in Spain. 

    Your order will be air shipped to the States and will arrive just a few days after they leave our facilities.Let us know if you run into any issues upon receiving your shoes and we’ll be happy to help.

    Have changes to your shipping address? No problem. Email [email protected] within 7 days of placing your order to let us know of any shipping address. After 7 days, you will be subject to a $50 fee for any additional changes.

  2. I don’t wear heels. Can I still order shoes?

    Absolutely! If you haven’t worn heels in some time, we recommend starting with a 2-inch heel. You can always expand your collection to include a 4-inch heel-option later!

  3. When is the next collection coming out?

    Here at True Gault, we are season-less. We release new styles on a rolling basis, so be sure to follow us on social media to stay tuned for the next editions to our family. Many times we ask our current base of customers to vote up or down our new designs. We’re always looking for feedback and ideas!

You & True Gault

  1. Do you have a Referral program?

    Yes, we love that you love our shoes and want to share them!  Click here to join our referral program. You will receive your own unique referral code and your friends will receive $50 off their first order! For each first-time order placed with your personal code, you will receive $50 in True Gault credit! 

Returns and Remakes

  1. What's your returns policy?

    Not loving your True Gault shoes? We’re so sorry to hear that! We’ll be happy to take care of any issues. We guarantee fit on all shoes, so if the fit feels off please let us know! We’ll replace your shoes free of charge. Feedback must be submitted within 30 days of receiving your shoes, but the sooner the better! After submitting feedback, a team member will be in touch to send you a pre-paid return label. Our artisan team in Spain will start handmaking your replacements as soon as we receive the first pair back. Please note that these shoes should be returned in the original condition. We recommend trying your shoes indoors and on a carpeted surface to avoid accidental damage or wear & tear. Be sure to include the original shoe box, dust bag, and additional heel tips with your merchandise. If a replacement pair still isn’t fitting, contact us directly at [email protected] for further assistance.

    If you decide True Gault isn’t for you, we’ll be happy to help but will be sorry to see you go. Due to the customization of the shoes, we’re unable to provide full refunds. However, we’re happy to offer a partial refund. True Gault will retain a manufacturing fee of $125 for heels, and $175 for booties. Please be in touch with the True Gault team within 30 days of receiving your shoes. We’ll take care of processing your refund as soon as your shoes are received in original condition.