Beautiful Shoes

Made To Fit, Designed By You

by Invitation Only

Pre-release Autumn 2016

How it works
Step 1

Fit It

In minutes, our easy-to-use app scans and measures your feet.

Step 2

Design It

Mix-and-match shoe style, color, and material to truly personalize your look.

Step 3

Own It

Enjoy the luxury of custom shoes made just for you - all within 4 weeks!

The Science

We have shoes down to a science

Wear heels like never before - in comfort! Our technology brings your dream shoes to life and guarantees the best possible fit for each foot.

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Fit is our fixation. We analyze each scan to collect hundreds of measurements, allowing us to create the ideal fit for you.

98% of women have different sized feet! We make your left and right shoes independently, giving you a true fit.

Our fit guarantee

Our shoes are guaranteed to fit, otherwise we'll remake them!

The Details

Out introductory collection will include:

  • 5 stylesss
  • 5 materials
  • 2 to 4 inch heel heights

Shoes range from $450-$550 per pair. Register now to receive $50 off your next purchase.

A treat for your feet (and wallet)!

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