About True Gault

At True Gault, we don't believe women should ever have to choose between comfort and style. If a pair of shoes look great but your feet are in pain an hour later, it's not worth it. Finding shoes that truly fit is hard because 97% of us have right feet and left feet that are not exactly the same size. 

When you scan your feet, your exact measurements are recorded, allowing us to custom make EACH shoe for you. We even stamp them with your unique serial number!

We don't expect you to ONLY wear True Gaults, but we do expect you'll wish you could—because life's a lot better when the shoe fits. 

Meet Sandra Gault


One night, as she stood in pain wearing her overpriced, designer heels, she decided there must be a better way. Sandra took her experience as an Executive at Kodak Imaging and decided to apply it to making high heels more comfortable. With her imaging expertise and 20 years in business, she channeled her three passions – fashion, technology and business – into True Gault. Three years and thousands of happy customers later, she is convinced that she is not alone in her desire to have heels you never want to take off. 

As she is known to say, "Fashion should fit you; not the other way around."

Meet Julian Sanchez

VP Operations/Co-Founder

As a second generation shoe maker, Julian’s experience in high-end footwear spans over 15 years. Before joining True Gault, he led Sacha London’s manufacturing facilities in Spain.

After meeting Sandra and hearing her vision, Julian realized it aligned perfectly with his expertise in shoe customization and the very future of the shoe making industry. With a handshake, their partnership began. Julian’s in-depth knowledge of shoe manufacturing, design, and market conditions have all shaped the shoe creation process of True Gault.